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September 2022

Privacy and Terms

We take our customers’ privacy seriously, and ensure that we follow the applicable law for the processing of personal data at all times. On these pages you get information about our terms and how we handle the use of cookies, also called cookies.


For all matters where Trump is responsible for processing our customers’ data, we refer to Trump’s privacy information. Click here to go to Trump’s pages. There you get all the information about how Trump processes and stores your data, as well as the opportunity to request access to data stored about you,

Here you will find MENU’s privacy statement

Read about our use of cookies

Your right to own your own information is central to the new privacy regulation. As mentioned above, you can on your profile page on request access to data stored about you. If you are not a trump member, but want access to what we have stored of your information in connection with trades made in the online store, you can read more about how to proceed here.

What happens when you log in to our pages?
We want to give you as tailored and personalized experience as possible on our pages. To be able to give it to you, we need to know who you are, therefore you must log in.

As long as you are not logged in to the site, your use cannot be linked back to you as an individual. When a Trump member logs on to the site with a username and password, you accept our membership terms. You can read these here.

As logged in, we will use general information in your member profile to customize the site and make the content personal and relevant to you as a Trump member. You have given your consent to this in Trump’s membership conditions. As a Trump member, you have the opportunity to say no to profiling, which means that we cannot offer you personal coupons and a personalized experience on the website based on your shopping behavior and purchase history. If you want to review your consents to Trump, you can do so here

24 hours after a customer has logged in to our website, you will no longer be able to perform selected actions without confirming the login with your own password. This can be changing personal information or making a trade in the online store. In MENU’s shopping app, you are logged in for 1 year, without having to confirm a password, if you do not log out yourself. After 1 year, you must log in again in the app

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