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September 2022

SafranTerms of use and sales for private customers

The conditions on this page are what our customers accept by making a purchase in MENU’s online store. Our customers in the online store can either be Trump members or not. In these terms of sale and use, what is written applies to both types of customers, unless otherwise specified.

1. General conditions
Everyone can shop in the MENU Online Store. It does not require membership in Trump. The subchapters of this section describe the terms that are general, which apply to Trump members, and which apply to customers who are not members of Trump.

For information about your statutory rights as a consumer, please refer to

The Consumer Purchase Act
The Right of Withdrawal Act
The Marketing Act
The Personal Data Act
The E-Commerce Act
EU Regulation No. 1169/2011 (Food Information Regulation)

1 a) Additional conditions for Trump members:
In addition to the general terms and conditions, there are some additional terms and conditions for Trump members. As a Trump member, you get a tailored and personalized experience in the MENU Online Store, as well as a Trump bonus on all your trades at MENU. See more information about Trump and registration at . For Trump members, these terms of use and sales apply together with the membership terms in Trump – see . In the event of a conflict, these terms of sale shall apply before the Trump terms.

1 b) Additional conditions for customers who are not Trump members:
For customers in the MENU Online Store who are not Trump members, the general conditions apply. A customer who is not a Trump member is completely anonymous to us in the sense that we can not offer a personalized shopping experience.

2. Information about the seller org. no. 977 066 727
PO Box 330 Skøyen, 0213 Oslo
Telephone 21 61 20 00

MENU Customer service telephone number 22 56 35 00
Email address:

3. Ordering
What is described in this section applies to all customers in the MENU Online Store. Note that there is some additional information in subchapters 3a and 3b.

Ordering is done through the website at least 6 hours before the goods are to be picked up or delivered. In the ordering solution, the customer chooses whether to pick up replacement goods in sold-out situations. After completing the order, the order confirmation will be sent to the customer’s specified e-mail address. Confirmed orders can be canceled before the order is locked, either up to 6 hours before the start of the agreed delivery time or at midnight the day before delivery, depending on the chosen delivery fee, after which the order is binding.

MENU Online store follows current laws and regulations when selling age-specific goods. When buying age-specific goods, the customer must be over 18 years old. Note that from 15 June 2020, an age limit on energy drinks will also be introduced. The customer who buys energy drinks must be over 14 years old. Credentials will be checked when dispensing alcohol, medicines and energy drinks. During identification checks, the inspector will store some information about the customer and its identification; such as control number on bank card and driver’s license number on driver’s license. This is stored and deleted in accordance with current personal data laws, and is used in any control carried out by Norway’s municipalities. The purpose of this type of follow-up check is to ensure that MENU at all times follows current laws and regulations regarding the sale and delivery of alcohol online. When buying medicines, it is only permitted to buy one pack of the same active ingredient per customer. The exception is when you buy 2 packs with the same active ingredient, but where one is intended for use by adults, while the other is intended for children.

The customer can choose whether the order is to be delivered from a store or a collection point, or delivered to the customer’s home by MENU’s partner for delivery of food. The customer’s delivery fee depends on the chosen delivery method.

MENU is approved by the Norwegian Medicines Agency to sell over-the-counter medicines online. A list of registered websites approved for this can be seen here

3 a) Additional information regarding Trump members:
Trump members have the opportunity to change the order until the order is locked for picking. The lock time is communicated in the confirmation email and on, and under order overview, but is either 6 hours before the order is to be delivered, or at midnight the day before delivery. Locking time depends on which delivery fee the customer has chosen.

3b) Additional information regarding customers who are not Trump members:
Customers who are not Trump members do not have the opportunity to change a submitted order. These can only cancel their order as described under point 3 Ordering.


Prices and payment
All prices in MENU’s online store are stated including VAT unless otherwise stated. The customer receives a specified statement of costs for the order confirmation. The total purchase price includes all costs associated with the purchase, including packing, shipping, delivery, bags, etc. The prices are the same as in the store, in case of deviations, customers get the best price. This means that if an item has increased in price from the time of ordering to the time of collection, customers will always receive the lowest price, this also applies to special offer items. Exceptions for the purchase of fresh produce products from our manual counters, quantity discounts (3 for 2 or 2 for NOK xx) and coupons, if these have expired at the time of collection or delivery, the customer will pay the normal price. NB: CCMat Lillehammer, CCMat Hamar, CCMat Gjøvik and Eide Handel do not always follow the same offers and promotions as MENU. This means that if the customer chooses to pick up or have food delivered from CCMat Lillehammer, CCMat Hamar, CCMat Gjøvik and Eide Handel, they will not receive all the offers advertised on Offer prices are red and the product is marked with an offer icon.

Customers who receive deliveries from Eide Handel also do not receive a Trump bonus on trades made in the MENU Online Store.

If the customer updates an already confirmed order, the prices will be recalculated, and the update time will be counted as the order time. Offers that were then valid at the original time for order confirmation, but which have expired at the time of updating, will then lapse.

Some different campaigns cannot be combined. This applies to items that the customer has as a personal coupon, at the same time as the item is included in a quantity discount (eg 3 for 2 or 2 for NOK xx). In these cases, it is the coupon discount that will apply.

The customer pays using a bank or credit card via MENU’s online store. The total purchase price is reserved on the card when ordering with a small surcharge to take into account any discrepancies related to replacement goods and weights. The payment card will be charged with the correct purchase price when the goods have been picked, and this amount is never higher than the reserved amount. If a customer places an order, and then cancels it again, an amount will still be reserved in the customer’s account. This is canceled by MENU Nettbutikk immediately, but the customer may find that the amount is reserved in the account a little longer. How long a reservation lasts depends on the card issuer, but is usually between 1 to 3 business days.

If the item is stated with price per kilo, or other volume measure, an estimated price will be stated when order confirmation. The actual price is only calculated when the goods are picked, and it is this price the customer is charged. Deviations in the estimated price and actual price are discussed in the section above, ref price surcharge.


4a) Additional information for Trump members:
All Trump members save Trump bonuses in the usual way, such as when shopping in physical stores, this applies regardless of what kind of card you use as a means of payment, including credit cards. Normally, customers get a 1% Trump bonus on everything that is traded, while selected Thursdays in the year it is Triple-Trump on Thursday, and then customers get a 3% bonus on everything they buy, this also applies in the online store. The extra bonus on Triple-Trump on Thursday will be visible on the customer’s purchase overview on under the column Extra Trump. Those who pay with a Trump Visa card will receive the same extra bonus in the MENU Online Store as when shopping in the physical MENU store.

All members of Trump have coupons available at any time on or in the MENU Shopping App, and these are automatically deducted from the price of the product when you shop. The criteria for the coupon discount to apply is that the coupon is activated either in the MENU Shopping App or on, and that the customer has purchased the correct coupon product. The coupon discount will only be visible on the receipt, which the customer receives after the goods have been picked up and packed in the store.

As mentioned, Trump members have the opportunity to change an order that has already been submitted. If the customer does this, an additional amount will be reserved in the customer’s account based on what has been changed on the order.

After an order has been delivered, Trump members can at any time log in to, and see their entire order history in the online store with digital receipts for each individual purchase. There they can also choose to re-order a previous order.

4b) Additional information for customers who are not Trump members:
Customers who are not Trump members do not receive a Trump bonus on what they buy in the online store, neither a normal bonus nor a Triple Trump. They also do not have personal coupons available. Customers who are not Trump members do not have an overview of previously purchased orders on, or have the opportunity to change an already submitted order. After an order to a customer who is not a Trump member has been delivered, the customer receives a new email with a receipt, and the order can no longer be reached at


5. Delivery and delay
When picking up goods in a store or pick-up point:
If the customer has chosen to pick up goods in the store, the customer’s order will be delivered at the store agreed at the time of ordering, and during the period specified on the order confirmation. All items are physically packed in the store and it is therefore not possible to change the pick-up location. The customer will receive an SMS when the goods are packed and ready for collection. This sms contains information if the order is complete or if there are any items that can not be delivered. Details of any discrepancies the customer sees on the order confirmation which can be reached from the link in the sms. The risk for the goods passes to the customer upon delivery.

In the event of delays, MENU will notify the customer as soon as MENU has knowledge of it. In case of non-collection, MENU will try to contact the customer. MENU does not take responsibility for the degraded or reduced quality and / or shelf life of items that are not picked up within the originally ordered pick-up time.

If age-specific goods have been ordered as pharmacy goods, an identification check must be performed when delivering goods.

For home delivery:
Goods receipt and collection shall take place at the first point of contact unless otherwise agreed. The customer receives an SMS when the goods have been picked up. This sms contains information if the order is complete or if there are any items that can not be delivered. Details of any discrepancies the customer sees on the order confirmation which can be reached from the link in the sms. Then the customer receives an SMS from the driver about 15 minutes before arrival with a tracking link to the driver. If age-specific goods have been ordered, an identification check must be performed when delivering goods.

If a delay occurs, the customer will receive an SMS about this before delivery.

Delayed delivery:
In the event of late delivery, but the customer can be home at the newly agreed collection time, the goods must be delivered. Customer service is informed of this automatically, and if the delivery is delayed by more than 30 minutes, the customer compensates the corresponding delivery cost.

In the event of late delivery, and the customer does not have the opportunity to be home at the new time of delivery, it can be agreed to leave the goods outside the door, at the customer’s responsibility. This must be confirmed to the driver by text message from customer to driver before the driver leaves the address. If the order contains age-specific items, age-specific items must be taken back to the store. If the goods cannot be returned to the customer, the driver must take the goods back to the store. The customer shall not be charged, and the entire order amount will be returned to the customer’s payment card. Customer service is informed of this automatically, and compensates the customer.

In the event of late delivery where someone at the customer under the age of 18 has the opportunity to receive the goods at a new pick-up time, and the order contains age-specific goods, age-specific goods must be taken back to the store, while other goods can be delivered. The sum of age-specific goods is transferred back to the customer’s payment card, as the customer did not receive these goods. Customer service is informed of this automatically, and compensates the customer.

The above deviations must be captured by the system, and it is not the customer’s responsibility to report late deliveries in order to receive compensation.

Customer is not home at the agreed delivery time:
The driver calls the customer once on the given telephone number on arrival at the place of delivery if there is no one at home. The driver and the customer can then agree to leave the goods outside the door at the customer’s responsibility. This is confirmed by text message from the customer to the driver, before the driver leaves the address. Age-specific items must be brought back to the store. The customer is still charged for the entire order, including age-specific items.

If the goods cannot be left at the customer’s door or the driver does not get in touch with the customer, the goods must be taken back to the store. Customer service will try to get in touch with the customer to agree on how the goods can be delivered to the customer, as a rule that the customer himself picks this up in the store. Customer is charged for the entire order.

Customer wants the items left outside the door:
The customer can choose to request that the goods be left outside the door by ticking the checkbox for this at the checkout in the online store. When the goods then arrive at the place of delivery, the customer will receive an SMS from the driver to which the customer must reply to confirm that it is ok for the goods to be left outside the door. Age-specific goods can not be left behind as identification must always be carried out, and these may be transported back to the store. Note that as soon as we leave the goods outside the door, the risk of the goods is transferred to the customer. Items that are left outside the door are packed in ordinary plastic and paper bags, and not packaging that is intended to maintain the item’s temperature. Therefore, we recommend that the goods are brought in as soon as possible, and cleaned in place at room temperature, refrigerator and freezer, respectively.

6. Complaint
Complaints about all purchases through MENU’s online store are regulated in the Consumer Purchases Act of 21 June 2002 no. 34. All complaints must reach MENU within a reasonable time after the defect was discovered or should have been discovered. This deadline for complaining will never be shorter than two months from the time when the customer discovered the defect, and must take place no later than 2 years after the customer received the item. If the product or parts of it in normal use are intended to last significantly longer, the deadline for advertising is five years. If the customer does not complain in time, the right to claim the defect is lost. For more information, see the Consumer Purchases Act §27.

The customer is obliged to check that the goods and delivery are in accordance with the order confirmation. In the event of any deviations, this must be reported to Customer Service via the feedback form on the order.

There are two conditions that must be met at the same time to be able to hold MENU responsible for a complaint:

a. The item must have been defective at the time you purchased the item

b. You must have complained (complained) to MENU within the complaint deadlines set by the Consumer Purchase Act.

Is there a defect in the item?

There is a defect when the item does not comply with the requirements for nature, quantity, quality, other properties and packaging that are required at the time of purchase. In addition to this, the product must also live up to the expectations you can reasonably have for the product’s durability and other properties.

Have I advertised within the deadline?

If the item has a defect at the time of purchase, you must complain to MENU within a reasonable time after you discovered this defect. It will always be sufficient for you to complain within two months after you discovered the error, but in practice both you and MENU will be served with as quick feedback as possible.

Remember that foods will often have a different shelf life than other items. Even if the complaint deadlines have been met, there must still be a defect in the food at the time of purchase for the conditions for the complaint to be met. For example, one cannot expect a bread, fruit or vegetable to have a shelf life of two months. And if the food has a specific expiration date that you have been informed about, you can also not advertise on the item after the expiration of this date.

6a) How should Trump members advertise:
A Trump member has several different ways to get in touch with Customer Service. By going to “profile and orders” on, Trump members will get a list of all their previous orders. Inside the current order, the customer will have access to a feedback form. By using this form, Customer Service can quickly help the customer, as it comes with information about the customer and orders. Link to order in confirmation email, and sms received when the goods were picked, takes the customer to the same page where the feedback form can be reached.

It is also possible to contact customer service via the chat on or by using the form available on our information page about customer service,

6b) How should customers who are not Trump members advertise:
Customers who are not Trump members do not have the same overview of previous orders and receipts on The links that were in the order confirmation and text message that the goods were picked will no longer work after the order has been delivered. For privacy reasons, we delete all information about an order after it has been delivered when the customer is not a member of Trump. The customer can then get in touch with customer service via the chat on or by using the form available on our information page about customer service,


7. Uncollected and returned orders
If the order is not picked up, the customer will be charged for the items ordered. The same is the case for goods that are returned to the store as a result of some of the situations described in the chapter «Delivery and delay».

8. Right of withdrawal
MENU complies with the rules in force at any given time in the Right of Withdrawal Act, which gives a general right of 14 days to withdraw from the delivery date to regret your purchase. Note that there are special provisions in the Right of Withdrawal Act related to fixed-term benefits and goods that deteriorate rapidly, such as certain food and beverages, where the general time limit for withdrawal does not apply. This will apply to goods that are to be stored refrigerated or frozen, as we can not guarantee storage of the item after we have delivered to the customer. The right of withdrawal form is sent to the customer as an attachment to the order confirmation item. Pursuant to section 22 of the Right of Withdrawal Act, the right of withdrawal does not apply to agreements on:

Delivery of goods that deteriorate, or expire quickly, such as all refrigerated and frozen goods, § 22 b);
Delivery of sealed goods which, for reasons of health or hygiene, are not suitable for return, and where the seal has been broken after delivery, § 22 g);
Services that are urgent to be performed where the consumer emphatically asks the trader (ie MENU) to visit the consumer, § 22 i);
Delivery of sealed audio or video recordings or sealed software on which the consumer has broken the seal, § 22j);
Delivery of a newspaper, magazine or magazine, § 22k);
Transport of goods when the agreement stipulates a specific date or a specific period for the performance of such services, § 22 m)
To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer must notify MENU in an unambiguous manner via letter or email: MENY AS, Postboks 330 Skøyen, 0213 Oslo or email . You can use the right of withdrawal form attached to the confirmation email, but it is not mandatory.

In order to comply with the withdrawal period, it is sufficient that the customer sends the message that the customer will use the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period expires.

If the customer regrets the purchase of goods, MENU shall refund all payments MENU has received from the customer, including the delivery costs (with the exception of additional costs due to the customer having chosen a different type of delivery than the cheapest type of standard delivery MENU offers), without unnecessary delay and in all cases no later than 14 days after the day MENU receives notification of the customer’s decision to withdraw from this agreement. MENU makes the refund with the same means of payment as the customer used in the original transaction, unless the customer has expressly agreed otherwise with MENU. In all cases, the customer will not be charged a fee as a result of the refund.

MENU can withhold the refund until MENU has returned the goods, or until the customer has submitted documentation that the goods have been returned, or until one of these times occurs first.

The customer must return the goods without undue delay and in all cases no later than 14 days after the day the customer notified MENU that the customer would leave the agreement. The deadline is met if the customer returns the goods before the deadline of 14 days has expired.

The customer must bear the direct costs of returning the goods. The customer is responsible only for any reduction in the value of the goods due to a different handling of the goods than that which is necessary to determine their nature, properties and function.

9. The customer’s duties
All customers are responsible for purchases made in the MENU Online Store. Goods collection or goods receipt must take place at the agreed place at the agreed time. It is the customer’s responsibility to check received goods. If defects or quality deviations occur, this must be reported to the MENU according to the routine described in Chapter 6. Complaints.

10. Extraordinary circumstances
MENU is only responsible for loss of the item if errors or defects have been proven. However, this does not apply if MENU can show that the defect is due to circumstances beyond MENU’s control, and from which MENU could not reasonably be expected to avoid or overcome the consequences.

MENU is not responsible for indirect losses as a result of defects unless the loss is caused by gross negligence or intent on the part of MENU. In the case of consumer purchases, the terms cannot be worse than the terms in the law, cf. Consumer Purchases Act of 21 June 2002 no. 34.

11. Force majeure
Is MENU prevented from delivering or making a compulsory delivery or does such a delivery obligation become unreasonably burdensome as a result of a labor dispute or any other circumstance such as when the parties cannot control it such as fire, war, mobilization or unforeseen military calls of a similar scope, requisition, seizures, currency restrictions, riots and riots, shortages of means of transport, general shortages of goods, restrictions on the supply of propulsion, as well as deficiencies or delays in deliveries from subcontractors or manufacturers as a result of such circumstances referred to in this section, MENU is exempt from all other liability than in complaints and credit it to the defective item’s associated purchase price.

12. Disputes and choice of law
Disputes in connection with the conditions and associated provisions, as well as disputes concerning where in the mentioned and where of the following legal matters belong to the ordinary courts, with Oslo District Court as venue. A consumer who has entered into an agreement with a trader on goods or services for personal use, can bring an action against MENU at its general venue, which is normally where the consumer resides.

13. Reservations
MENU reserves the right to change these terms, including as a result of changes in legislation. Any changes in sales and customer conditions will be announced and made effective from the time that follows from the announcement. The user is responsible for following the current sales and customer conditions.

Subject to typing / printing errors, which may mean that MENU cannot deliver in accordance with information provided in our online store or other marketing. If this occurs, the buyer has the right to refrain from ordering.

Information provided about the products in accordance with the Food Information Regulation EU 1169/2011, such as nutrient content, ingredients, allergens etc. is provided by the individual producer. MENY AS is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the information provided. Note that all allergen information must be used with caution and is understood as a guide only. Anyone who prepares or serves food to an allergy sufferer must always read the product / packaging ingredient list carefully.

Images used on our pages are illustrative and may differ from the actual appearance of the item.

14. Processing of personal data
All information about you as a customer is processed in accordance with the legislation and guidelines given by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Customers can, upon request, have access to the information registered about themselves under this agreement, as well as demand that any errors be corrected. See the subchapters in this section for a description of how to request access. information, see Trump customer conditions chapter 8. ( )

14a Privacy for Trump Members
The processing and storage of personal information for Trump members is described in Trump’s Privacy Statement . A Trump member can request access by contacting Trump customer service, .

14b Privacy for non-Trump customers:
The processing and storage of personal data for customers who are not Trump members shall be described in MENU’s privacy statement. This is being prepared at the time of writing and will be in place during April 2018. A customer who is not a Trump member can also request access to information that has been registered, but this is ordered by MENU, as MENU is responsible for processing these. the customers. Contact to order access.

15. Newsletter and communication
MENU reserves the right to communicate with the customer regarding a specific order. Examples of this are order confirmation by email, and text message with information about delivery. In addition, the customer’s consent to dialogue given to MENU will govern what further communication the customer receives from MENU. These consents can be administered on my page on

16. Copyright
MENU with logo is a registered trademark of MENY AS.

All content on these websites is MENY AS or a subcontractor of the aforementioned property and is protected by e.g. copyright, marketing and trademark laws. This means that trademarks, company names, product names, information about products, including e.g. recipes with images, mention of the products and weight, images / graphics, design, typography and layout and other content on these websites may in any case not be downloaded, copied or used in any other way without this being expressly permitted by mandatory law or by express prior written consent from MENY AS.

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